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Your guide to showcase the benefits of our platform. Explore how DEDIPAY can elevate your shopping experience and your payments.

Top-tier promotions offered by our digital retailers:

Collect cashback at online shops

Discover exclusive offers from a variety of online shops and maximise your savings!

Unlock incredible discounts and cashback deals by following these simple steps:

Collect cashback at local shops

Earn cashback right in your local community

Numerous shops in your area have partnered with DEDIPAY to provide exclusive cashback offers to our users. This initiative allows you to support local businesses while enjoying valuable rewards through our platform.

Scan the QR-Code

your club offers you access to all benefits, just scan the code and follow the instruction​

Install the app

just go to your App store to download the app

Provide your data

fill in your name, address and contact details

Confirm your account

click on the link to confirm that you are the account owner

Login to the app

after Login you have access to all the benefits

Collect cashback

select the shop, show your QR-Code and get real cashback

Download the App

Scan the QR-Code and download the App

You can scan the QR-Code with your smartphone camera. You will be redirect to your app store or visit us on the app store.

Support your team

DEDIPAY cooperates with many of the best sportclubs

Get cashback at all shopping activities, support your club and pay your next visit to a match with the collected cashback.

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