Discover all features in one App​

Our mobile payment allows you to pay conveniently at the POS and receive cash with each purchase.


Effortlessly access all features from the home screen

On our homepage, you have the convenience of seamless navigation to explore various options such as searching for shops, accessing your wallet, and more.

Find your favorite local stores with ease, ensuring quick and efficient results right at your fingertips.

Collect cashback at local shops

Earn cashback right in your local community

Numerous shops in your area have partnered with DEDIPAY to provide exclusive cashback offers to our users.

This initiative allows you to support local businesses while enjoying valuable rewards through our platform.

Collect cashback at online shops

Discover exclusive offers from a variety of online shops and maximise your savings!

Unlock incredible discounts and cashback deals by following these simple steps:


Streamline your financial activities within the wallet section

Gain comprehensive insights into your payment history and more under the Wallet tab.

Get a detailed overview of all your financial transactions and activities with ease.


Find local and online shops for your next shopping experience

Explore our search page to access a curated selection of top-notch shops.

Utilise our advanced filtering options to pinpoint the perfect match tailored to your specific preferences and requirements.

Payment Technology

Pay with your unique QR-Code

Present your personalised QR-Code at shop and enjoy effortless, contactless, and cashless transactions.

Our integrated payment system ensures that cashback rewards are seamlessly incorporated into the payment process, enhancing your overall shopping experience.


Maintain an accurate profile

Ensure your profile stays current and accurate, even when changes are needed.

Simply navigate to the “More” section and effortlessly update your profile information, keeping it up-to-date at all times.

Download the App

Scan the QR-Code and download the app

You can scan the QR-Code with your smartphone camera. You will be redirect to your app store or visit us on the app store.

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